Leanna Harris ‘18 & Macy Manchester ‘18 – Wednesday October 12, 2016, students at Romeo High School received an email from principal, Mr. Osebold, about the rumors spreading on the Homecoming dance. Rumors such as having the lights on, playing only “old school” music,  the dance being filmed, etc. Osebold laid all of the gossip floating around to rest, by stating that it was false. However, Osebold said he plans to enforce the long forgotten rule, no sexually explicit dancing. Causing commotion, the students are off put by the sudden enforcement of rules. Osebold explained his decision within the email.

Over the summer, before the school year even started, I was contacted by multiple parents and staff members about concerns of inappropriate behaviors occurring during school dances,” Osebold said. “Since then, almost 50 additional parents have spoken with me about enforcing appropriate behavior at the dances.”

Osebold also addressed the contract that all students must sign prior to purchasing a ticket. Osebold feels the contract is necessary to ensure that all student know what is expected of them. After signing the contract, you are able to purchase your ticket in the form of a wristband. Osebold believes that all the rules are fair, so if a student is caught disobeying the contract they signed, they will be given a warning, but caught a second time, they will be asked to leave the dance and spend the rest of the time remaining in a supervised area, unless they can be picked up by a parent/guardian. The contract also states that students are required to show photo ID and are to be willing to submit a search or their car and/or themselves if deemed necessary. After answered the majority of student questions, he stated that if any questions were left unanswered, to attend a meeting after school on Thursday October 13 where he would talk to you individually. Osebold asks you to respect these rules but also to have fun.

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