Sarah Fuzi ‘17- A young girl walks onto the field, a heavy amp wheeled behind her. A shiny bass slung over her shoulder causing her arm to droop and the tall, red hat sunk over her blue eyes. Madison LaCourse ‘16 lives for the bright lights of the grass filled football fields. Playing an instrument with all of her heart, her fingers strum the strings like magic. Being the only electric bass player makes her seems lonely and distant, yet her music warms everyone who listens.

Madison LaCourse played in Romeo High School’s band for four years. She loves the football games and all the the songs they perform for all to watch. Long hours of memorizing and playing songs, almost to her fingers blistering, Madison does it all for the love of her music.  

“What I enjoy about band is the marching band portion of band and the music that we play. The music can affect the mood of the audience, and even the mood of the performers, and it’s really neat. I love the marching band portion because the music is fast and fun, I get to march in parades, and playing during football games makes me feel like I’m playing some part in getting the crowd involved and helping the team win,” Madison LaCourse ‘16 said.

Many people always seem to mistake her bass for a guitar. Both are not that very different, they may have the same shape, similar sounds, and related materials. Madison appreciates how people watching parades and games know that she is playing the bass, although most of the time she does not mind.  

“When people say ‘they have a guitar!’, it doesn’t really bother me. Technically, it is a guitar. It’s like being a baritone saxophone player and being called a ‘saxophone player’ or being a bass drum player and being labelled simply as ‘a drummer’,” Madison Lacourse ‘16 said.

Her love for music started when she was very young. At first, Madison wanted to play the electric guitar when she was in fifth grade. After a quick discussion with the middle school band director and changing her mind, her mother purchased her a used electric bass.

Of course, Madison never started out with full intentions of joining band, it only took a little bit of persuasion to help her find her true passion.

“Originally, I wanted woodshop class instead of band, but then I went to one of my brother’s school concerts. I decided that I loved it and wanted to join band. I have never thought about dropping band class since,” Madison LaCourse ‘16.

Madison loves everything about band and her time her at Romeo High School. Sad to be graduating this year, yet very glad for spending four years of her life here in this small village.

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