Kemp ‘22: The Dawg Pound brings so much spirit, pumping up the student section and cheering on the football players. The Dawg Pound not only brings in a giant crowd at home but even those games played away.

One of the “L’s” of the Dawg Pound, senior Vincent Ruffino ‘22, enjoys taking part in this amazing group of guys. “My favorite cheer is I believe that we will win. We all get excited when we know we’re going to win,” Ruffino said. Ruffino’s favorite theme and paint was at the Hawaiian game, where the boys were painted in pink, blue, and white.

Before the game, the boys get painted and withstand even the coldest weather in no shirt. Recently, the cheerleaders lifted some of the Dawg Pound boys up in cheer stunts in front of the student section. The other “L”, Pierce Lascoe ‘22, was one of them. “It was so fun to do: I felt like a cheerleader,” Lascoe said.

All members of the Dawg Pound spell out “B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S-!”. Enjoy getting their bodies painted with the names of some of their favorite players. Brady Miscovich ‘22 the “O” favorite game of the season took place at the Chippewa Valley game. “Even though it was the one game we lost, it was really close and exciting,” Miscovich said.

Everyone in the Dawg Pound loves the energy created from the student section. Especially the “B-U-L-LD-O-G-S-!” enjoy getting the crowd pumped for each game. No matter if the football team wins or loses the game, everyone in the student section cheers their team on.

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