Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: Across America, students and teachers wake up to the snow day call. Although everyone spends their snow/ice day differently, everyone feels a sense of relief..

All of the snow days leave teachers with much less class time to teach their students necessary information. Left with the most stress due to snow days, advanced placement teachers prepare their students for their important AP tests in May. AP Biology teacher, Mrs. Kelly Roulo, feels stressed and behind of schedule.

“My class is really behind because of the unexpected snow days. Now I am prepared to send my students homework the next time school is cancelled,” Roulo said.

Although AP students signed up for the rigor of a college class, no kid wants homework assigned on their day off. Especially students in four AP classes, like Rachelle Baumann ‘19.

“I had assignments that were sent to me on my snow day that was due the next day in all four of my AP classes, it kind of took away from the fun of having a day off,” Baumann ‘19 said.

Living in an area with harsh winter conditions frustrates people at times, especially for most teachers and students, but with the snow comes a few benefits. Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, and of course, a day off of school to enjoy them.

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