Brooke Hochstein ‘17 & Morgan Mueller ’18: Every year the Romeo community comes together as one to help fight a special cause. A tradition that has lived on for eight years, sports team play in honor of someone who fights or battled cancer. The volleyball team battled it out against Eisenhower on Tuesday, September 27. The Boys soccer team will also be participating in the event when they play Lutheran High North on Monday, October 3. The football game, Friday, September 30, truly shows how a small community can come together to fight a big cause. The players wear purple jerseys and t-shirts sell for $15 a piece to the fans to show their support for the cure. Each player sets a goal to raise at least $250. They contact family members and friends asking for donations, some even do work for the extra money.

“Andrew Becker made and sold cedar adirondack chairs in order to raise money,” Coach Couch said.

The idea of Watchdog started back in 2009 when Coach Couch and Coach Reinas sought out an idea of a way to incorporate not only the players and the student body, but also the people of Romeo in order to make a difference. Originally, the players wear pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness, but over the years it change a light purple/lavender to represent Watchdog Week because it’s the color that raises awareness to all cancers.

Every year the amount of money raised increasing little by little. In 2014, approximately $36,000 was raised towards the fight. Last year, even more was earned with a whopping total of $40,800.

“We’ve raised a little more than $370,000 over the last seven years,” Couch said.

This year will be Romeo´s eighth year honoring this tradition and it is expected to be just as big of a success as it has in the past, if not, bigger. Let´s make this happen and come together as the small town we are, and make a big difference.

Show up to the football game tonight at 7pm at Barnabo Field, to watch Romeo battle cancer and compete against Grosse Pointe South.

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