Liliana Venditti ‘17 – With the cold rain glistening outside and Jack Frost nipping at your nose, the inventive Hallmark Christmas movies are sure to have your heart defrosting in a matter of seconds. The movie Just in Time for Christmas showcases a turning point in main character Lindsay Rodgers’ life, literally just in time for Christmas (which the only Christmas factor is that it happens in the month of December).  

As her handsome high school sweetheart plans the perfect way to propose by romantically  renting out the fanciest restaurant in their home town, she is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach at an Ivy league College, like, a billion miles away.

Shockingly she turns him down, because clearly there is no possible way to survive a long distance relationship. As she runs away crying from her proposal she meets an old man riding a horse in the middle of the woods- now here’s the big plot twist- she wakes up as a best selling author. And so now she’s worth, like, a million dollars.

She heads towards her mother’s house, only to find out she has tragically died of a heart problem. Going to find her boyfriend, yes the one she dumped in her previous life, she meets her “fiance’s” new fiancee. Super awkward. The two reconnect and he stays faithful to his new girl, although I’m not sure if his obsessive flirting can still be classified as that.

She realizes her life is totally a mess and wishes to be with her true love, she heads back to where she met the strange old man beforehand. Explaining how her life is so hard being so successful, well known and rich, and the man ships her back to her original life. She patches things up with her guy, gets married and they live happily ever after!

With all the shocks and plot twists the movie kept the viewer on the edge of their seat. Also, and this is just my opinion but, I think the strange old man might have been Santa Claus. Crazy, right? Needless to say, I have learned many valuable lessons from my partake in the Countdown to Christmas blessing.

Lesson one, true love is way more important than life long dreams, ladies.

Lesson two, if your life sucks around Christmas time, try to run into an old man who you think may be Santa Claus.

Lesson three, anything can be classified as a Christmas special as long as it has a Christmas tree or maybe some snow in the background.


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