Brooke Hochstein ‘17- Every May the students of Romeo High School rush to get their yearbooks. Little do they know all of the hard work and effort put into it by both the staff and editors, especially the two co Editors in Chief: Hannah Yestrepsky ‘17 and Tia Santi ‘17.

“We’ve been in the class since sophomore year,” Santi said. “We didn’t really know what we were doing at first because we had never taken journalism.”

Yestrepsky and Santi admitted they were planning on taking journalism, but the class was full, so they were placed in yearbook instead. They did not expect to excel so greatly in the class. So much so, they were chosen to be Editors-in-Chief their senior year.

“Mrs. Ruhlman chooses who she can trust to run the editing room and keep the staff in line,” Yestrepsky ‘17 said.

The two credit their position to having a lot of experience in the class and working well together. Their roles come with great responsibility and authority. A few of their responsibilities include making sure the deadlines are met, deciding what pictures, graphics, and written pieces go into each deadline, and assigning tasks to each person on the staff.

The job is anything but easy.

“Trying to figure out relationships with the staff can be difficult. You want to be their friend but at the same time you have to have authority over them,” Santi said.

The whole school is counting on these two to make sure the book is the best it can be, and Yestrepsky and Santi feel this pressure almost everyday.

“Sometimes it can be very stressful because the whole book is in our hands,” Yestrepsky said.

Although faced with many challenges, Hannah Yestrepsky and Tia Santi couldn’t be happier to be co Editors in Chief to create a memorable yearbook. The two encourage anyone at Romeo High School to consider taking yearbook.

“Yearbook helps with confidence, creative skills, and time management. It also builds social skills through interviewing. We would recommend anyone to take the class!” Yestrepsky and Santi said.

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