Giulianelli ‘22: Coming off an incredible football season, Romeo’s players put their blood, sweat, and tears into this season. And the support they receive from the Dawg Pound motivates them each game to give their all. 

Alex Gintner ‘22 represents the “G” in the Dawg Pound this year and encourages students to cheer for our upcoming team. “Show up to the game and cheer!” Gintner said.

Last year the boys also made it to playoffs and won districts. Unfortunately they lost the 4th game, ending their season. But no matter what, the Dawg Pound cheers the football players on and brings all the school spirit to the games.

Sal Matina ‘22, who represents the “S,” tells us what the community needs to do for the boys. “Everybody should show up to support the team. The more fans, the more involved the crowd is, and the better advantage the bulldogs have of winning,” Matina said.

The Dawg Pound plays a very special role during football season. The ones leading the student section spell out “B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S-!” and they keep everyone on their feet.

Specifically chosen to become a member made senior Benjamin Eschenburg ‘22 very happy. His favorite part, “being able to support my friends out on the field by getting the student section fired up,” Eschenburg said.

Eschenburg’s favorite game so far, “the watchdog game because even though we didn’t win, it was a really great game to watch and a lot of people showed up so the atmosphere was really fun,” Eschenburg said.

The unforgettable memories that come from the Dawg Pound truly show how much Romeo students care about their school and peers. And because of the Dawg Pound these special and extraordinary moments turned into a reality for those here at Romeo.

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