Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 and Brooke Hochstein ‘17-  As the end of the year looms in the near distance, seniors reminisce on what was the last of their high school festivities and look forward to what they have left. As an underclassmen, the amount of times seniors tell you “time flies” is too many to count on both hands, but the reality of that comes to life as you’re settling into your last five weeks of high school. Let’s think back and look forward at all the fun times.


Senior Parking Spots

The first of many festivities, for the second consecutive year seniors were allowed to paint appropriate paintings of their choosing on their parking spot. This newborn tradition allows the senior class to express their individuality and creative talent. A hit throughout the classes, underclassmen can’t wait until it’s their turn.



As the girls trade their heels for cleats (let’s be honest, they were probably nike tennis shoes), the junior and senior girls match up for a highly anticipated game. This year, seniors came out victorious with a 7-6 win; better luck next year juniors!

“Spring Break was my favorite part of senior year so far.”- Molly Ames ‘17 said.


Spring Break

No matter if you stayed home or went away for spring break, one thing is the same for all seniors, this was your last spring break as a high schooler. Some celebrated by traveling with their friends and having the time of their lives. Many seniors said that spring break was in fact their favorite part of senior year.

Even though some seniors may think they’re done, this year is far from over.  There’s still so many exciting events for the senior class to look forward to that will make these last 5 weeks go by even faster.  

“Arsenic and Old Lace was my favorite part, because it was less stressful so I was able to enjoy myself more because it was a smaller cast.”- Hali Racz ‘17 said.


Water Wars

With all this nice weather we’ve been having lately, there’s no better time for some Water Wars! Water Wars is put on by members of the senior class to bring some friendly competition among classmates. Teams of 3-6 are put into a 5 week bracket. The goal of the game is to try to get the other team out by squirting them with a squirtgun. This end of the year event is much anticipated by most.


Getting out of school early

The countdown to end all countdowns, the last one of your high school career. Currently, depending on when you read this, seniors have approximately 21 school days left. Which means the projects are coming down hard, stick in there, you can do this.


This is a night that seniors look forward to almost all four years of high school. Prom. What’s unique about Romeo is that prom is for seniors only, making it even more special. The night will be memorable for all who attend full of laughs, pictures, and dancing the night away.



The day everyone dreams of, the day we all wait our entire school career for, and believe it or not it’s just around the corner. Although the future is scary, it’s also full of endless possibilites. Make sure to take the time you have and soak it in, because the last of your high school experience is one you want to remember forever.


Senior All Night Party

After we say our goodbyes to Romeo High School on June 4th at gradation, we have one last night to celebrate our accomplishments and achievements at the senior all night party. Once again, the senior all night party will be held at Dave and Busters. Make sure to buy your ticket and enjoy your last bit of high school!

“When people say it goes by fast, it goes a million times faster. I didn’t believe it until it actually happened.” Heidi Stauffer ‘17 said.

So as senior year comes to an end, make sure to live in the moment. These are opportunities that you only get once in a lifetime.

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