Taylor DeMeere ‘19 & Chloe Lucci ‘19: Houses are spinning, fires erupting, and the floods are on their way, bringing Noah’s Ark along. *insert southern accent* So grab your yeti cooler and spam because the end of the world is on its way. Some people are running for the hills while others are hunkered down in their 1950’s storm shelters. The highly anticipated end of the world is a serious dilemma to some, seen as a major threat.

*Insert professional voice* Some events that have moved the nation include, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, the solar eclipse, nuclear missile testing, coral reef devastation, and so much more that the country cannot handle. All of these disastrous events have been taking place in the same time period. This cannot be a coincidence. This is… the end.

There is nothing more important than being prepare for such a serious event that will strike everyone to the ground… literally. 1950’s. 1999. 2012. These past years the intelligent thought that the world was coming to an end… but this time it is different. 1950s, people were camping out in their storm shelters. 1999, they were stocking freezers and loading their rifles. 2012, people were thinking of ways to get into space to flee from the zombie apocalypse. NOW, 2017, grab your pool floaties and fire extinguishers, because things are about get messy.

More than just a small community thinks this way, people across the country have different perspectives on the conspiracies of the tragic end of the human race. Even people throughout our school are coming to a conclusion that the world may be coming to a close. While some people believe that there is a great possibility that the world could end, others remain skeptical.

John Jackman, a skeptic, believes that social media plays a part in conspiracies like these coming to the surface.

“If there was no social media, it would not be as bad,” Jackman ‘19 explained. “I think it’s being blown out of proportion.”

While many are scrambling to finish up their bucket lists, many also think the whole idea is not “as deep” as some may assume.

If the world really was to end, by any of the ridiculous conspiracies, no one will see it coming. Between the fires, hurricanes, flooding, destruction and earthquakes, there is no way to escape. What will YOU do? How will YOU survive?

UPDATE: 9-24-17: The day after the world was supposedly ending. Never mind. Disregard everything.

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