Taylor Demeere ‘19: For many people around the world, the day can’t start without a cup of joe. Whether stopping on their way to work or school, or brewing a fresh pot at home, the beginning of their day starts with coffee. According to Huffington Post, each year Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee, whether it be dark, light or decaf. The amount of coffee people consume hazardous and harmful.

According to doctors at WebMD.com, drinking the average (2 cups) amount of coffee each day, can increase heart rates and cause irregular heartbeats. This irregular heart activity can later lead to serious heart problems like a stroke, or heart attack.

Not only can one’s health be affected, but a person’s appearance is significantly affected as well.

Coffee yellows teeth. This fact has been known for centuries but is often overlooked. The ingredients, as in caffeine, cocoa seeds, plant tusk, etc. in the drink break down tooth enamel and can make smiles appear yellow.

Despite the known side effects, people enjoy their liquid energy and do not see themselves quitting the habit any time soon.

Romeo staff member, Jason Couch, admits to a slight coffee addiction.

“I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 25 years old,” Couch said. “I could go without drinking it, but I choose not to.”

Avid coffee drinker, Sukhmani Bal, has her own perspective of her habit, and relies heavily upon it.

“I would probably lose my mind if I stopped,” Bal ‘19 said. “I drink coffee in the morning instead of eating breakfast.”

People all around the world drink coffee, but many ignore the damages it changes on your mind and body. Although coffee is seemed as an addictive property, the struggle of trying to quit is a hard fight, the harm overrides the pleasure. Are you aware of what you consume?





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