Olivia Sunderlik ‘21: This fall, many Romeo seniors battled the exhausting, yet rewarding, college application process. These months involved writing essays, gathering recommendations, and completing basic application information. Although the college process sees its end, the undertaking of applications continues; however, this time, seniors focus on scholarships.

The scholarship application process involves a great deal of time and significant effort. Before applying, seniors spend hours and days simply researching the scholarships available. Due to this, this process remains very involved.

“I am exploring and looking at many options and I want to narrow them down. I have applied for a couple, but I’m definitely still far from done,” Lizzie Pries ‘21 said.

This task provides students with lots of work, yet the rewards of this work hold the ability to significantly support their education. Local scholarships, such as the Four County Scholarships or the Sandbox Organization Scholarship, supply Romeo students with the opportunity to compete against students in their area for amazing honors and financial aid. Seniors contact their counselors for more information on these scholarships.

In addition to local opportunities, simple research reveals thousands of state and national scholarship competitions. Often, these scholarships correspond to greater competition; however, they still hold great worth and interest for Romeo seniors.

“I am honestly looking at many different types of local and bigger national scholarships. I have recently been looking at the Four County scholarships which are more local,” Pries said.

While this process appears daunting, the potential prizes and honors look impassable. These opportunities allow students to showcase their talents, hard work, and achievements to obtain scholarships. Over the last four years, students’ work compiled itself into an impressive portfolio that many organizations consider when choosing recipients. For example, Hannah Turner ‘21 received a nomination for a scholarship due to many important criteria.

“With my scholarship, the criteria was that I had to have demonstrated outstanding performance and leadership abilities related to my chosen occupational field and extraordinary achievement in academic work, job-related experience, lab training or related projects,” Turner said.

Leadership, volunteer work, and academic achievement provide only some of the many factors that interest scholarship organizations. Extracurricular activities and even simple interests make students eligible for different scholarships; therefore, every student holds the ability to find a scholarship that fits their achievements, hobbies, or curiosities. 

Although this scholarship process seems challenging and complex, the time and effort remains worthy of the great honors. Research provides Romeo seniors with amazing opportunities to support their education. While the application process may not involve college decisions this time, the rewards and benefits ensue just the same and greater.

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