Megan Bieganski ‘18 – In this day and age you can find out anything and everything online and/or on social media. Teenagers may think when they post something online and delete it, that it’s gone forever. However, this is not the case. Anyone can find a post, picture, or anything else that you uploaded on the internet in the past.

When applying for school or a job you may not think they check your social media sites, but they infact do. Teens don’t always listen to their parents telling them to watch what they put online because they don’t realize that one day it can impact security clearances and future plans. Not only can it change your future ideas, but it can do damage to your reputation.

Interpreting things differently,  people can have different ideas of what you posted. You may be “joking” or “just messing around” but not everyone knows that and sees it that way.

Just three weeks ago, Romeo High School’s football team played Eisenhower High School. Both teams have always been rivals of one another, however this rivalry went too far this time. Rivalries are supposed to be fun and show pride in your school, but unfortunately a select few students did not know where to draw the line. Students from both schools posted negative comments on twitter that they think once they delete them they won’t be seen again. But, anyone could find them if they wanted.

Next time you go to post something on social media ask yourself if it could damage your future plans.

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