Ava Vendittelli ‘22: After months of continuous setbacks, the Daily Blend Cafe sits patiently for opening day. Romeo’s newest one-stop-shop for all things healthy becomes estimated to open within the month, ready to serve the community a fresh variety of smoothies, coffee, and meals.

The owner of the Daily Blend Cafe, Sam Giordano, saw a need for a healthy cafe that was free of any additives. Giordano remains passionate about his view on never including processed or sugary ingredients on his menu. 

The owner not only believes in fresh ingredients, he also believes in helping out other small businesses by getting the bulk of produce from local farmers. When sourcing the produce locally, it increases freshness by eliminating the need for preservatives to import it. The Daily Blend Cafe provides quality ingredients in all menu items, which improves taste and health benefits.

“We do our best to buy all the products locally, the fruits and vegetables are from local farmers while the coffee beans are imported from different countries and roasted right here in Michigan,” Giordano said.

The Daily Blend provides a trendy cafe with a relaxed atmosphere. Due to the location in Frontier Town, the Daily Blend becomes perfect for refreshing yourself after a workout on the Macomb Orchard Trail. Enjoy a “Sammywich” at the bar-top while watching a sports game or a refreshing smoothie at the sofa.

“My hope is that customers will feel a sense of peace when they come into my establishment. I want them to know that the Daily Blend is there for the community,” Giordano said.

As far as food options, a large variety of choices remain available. With no added sugar, the cleansing smoothies come with an option of different protein powders. The wraps and “Sammywiches” are made from fresh meats, no fillers or processing, and fresh bread. Salads, full of locally sourced ingredients, become a great lunch option to grab on the go. Breakfast options of power bowls and oatmeals provide a great way to start off the day. The Daily Blend’s coffee will be roasted locally, and imported from a number of different countries.

“Our coffee roaster purchases the beans in countries like Colombia, Guatemala, and Africa. Our roaster is actually a third generation roaster, he has years of knowledge and experience so our coffee is insured to be brewed with the highest quality,” Giordano said. 

For those in need of an inclusive menu, the Daily Blend offers gluten-free sandwiches and salads as well as plant-based options.

The Daily Blend Cafe is estimated open to the public by February 19th, after a soft opening of family and friends on February 15th.

Although setbacks from the pandemic caused the Daily Blend to delay its opening, the employees and owners look forward to the day the first customer walks through the door. Sam Giordano as well as the entire Daily Blend staff feel dedicated to serving the community with healthy meal options.

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