Isabel Tarnutzer ’21: This month, Australia hosted their first concert, post-COVID. The event held the capability to not require social distancing or masks, and acted as an installment of hope into the dejected feeling that encapsulates our world as a result of the pandemic. The concert also begins to reinstall a longing for such public social events as concerts. With the pandemic still undefeated, concerts feel to many like a useless pipe dream; however, with more and more countries able to resume larger social gatherings, citizens receive greater reason to begin hoping once again. 

For many, there remains no experience like attending a concert. Perhaps it’s the feelings of unity with those around you, or maybe simply the opportunity to see your favorite artists live.

“I love being able to put a face to the song, and seeing [the artist] performing live is a whole different experience than hearing them on the radio,” Addison Heimbuch ‘21 said.

No matter what the draw may be, there remains no denying that concerts hold a special place in many people’s hearts. For such a special thing to be withheld for so long, the easiest thing remains beginning to doubt that it may ever return; however, Australia stands now as a glimmering reality of what may come. For when concerts finally return to the U.S., it remains only reasonable to believe that there will be no seat left unfilled.

“When they finally come back I wanna go to either Wiz Khalifa or any country concerts in the summer at DTE,” Heimbuch said.

While attending concerts still may feel like a distant dream, with the slow return of what we once took for granted, students can once again begin to hope for such things, reclaim their youth, and develop the fond memories they may look back upon with happiness in the future to come.

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