Kenneth Borycz ‘18: Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, what’s the difference? The two are known to have distinctly different ideas and opinions, but why should that matter? Sadly, to most people, it does.

We see it daily, whether it be on social media, CNN, Fox News, or countless other sources: bias in political idealizations. This bias causes personal opinions to shift, strictly based on what they hear on the news or online everyday, instead of forming their own opinions. People get so caught up in celebrity opinion, but in truth, what they say, whether you agree or disagree, is irrelevant. What actually matters are the beliefs of everyday citizens.

With individual political ideas shifting, the middle of the political spectrum is vanishing. Libertarians who have some ideas they like from each side are polarizing to one side or another. Inaccurate reporting, coined “fake news,” has risen since the beginning of President Trump’s election campaign, following him through the beginning of his term. The funniest part of it all, is that different news platforms who favor one way or another, will report the same issue in completely different ways. If you go on CNN, a stereotypically Liberal news platform, you will read all about what horrible things Conservatives have done. However, if you go on Fox News, you’ll see Conservatives placing the blame onto Democrats. It’s sad really, how people cannot even trust news. What’s real? What’s fake?

Everyone – and I mean everyone – is guilty of this: judging someone based off of their political beliefs, stereotyping them with the extremists of the party they associate with. Not all Conservatives are religious fanatics or destroying the environment, and not all Liberals are non-religious tree-huggers.

Throughout our daily political battles, keeping the peace seems near impossible. Take Joy Villa, singer/songwriter, for example. At the 2017 and 2018 Grammy’s, the singer wore dresses that flaunted her Conservative viewpoint. In 2017, she sported a dress with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Her choice of wardrobe resulted in verbal abuse and shaming due to her personal political idealization.

This is a double-edged sword, however. There are countless numbers of Conservative-minded Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages that bash Liberals on the daily just for having a different opinion. These pages bash, cuss, and degrade these people just because of what they believe in.

No matter who someone voted for in the last election, it doesn’t define who they are as a person, and it also doesn’t mean that one agrees with everything a politician pushes for. We, as Americans, need to put our big headedness aside and come together. We don’t always have to agree with our neighbor, but we don’t need to put them down for not having the same views as us. Let’s not argue with each other, but have calm discussions about our opinions. Let’s read between the lines when reading the news. Let’s check multiple sources before we jump to conclusions. Let’s be kind to one another, no matter what we believe.


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