Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 – Summer, a time of relaxation and lounging by the pool. But wait, your friends call you up and ask to go to the movies. You scour through your house trying to find the money, but it seems that you spent your last five dollars on that ice cream cone last week. It’s times like these where having a summer job can really come in handy.

Not only does having a summer job almost always ensure that you will have money on hand throughout the summer (whether you want to spend it or not is your choice), but it also teaches you from a young age the value of a dollar. Maybe after learning what it is like to work for your money, you will be less likely to spend it and more likely to save for the future.

“Having a job has definitely taught me responsibility,” Paige Grabb ‘16 said. “It’s also less of a burden having the money available to use, rather than asking my parent.”

Along with adapting good money spending habit early in life, being able to put work experience on applications to future long term jobs shows that you are committed and hardworking. Many employers like to see that, although it may be little, you have a workplace background.

Getting and maintaining a summer job can also often trickle over into the school year. This being said, with a job and school work to deal with, often times you can find yourself managing time much more wisely. Getting into the routine of coming home from school, doing your homework and going to work is something a lot of people struggle with, so if you get it down early it will most likely travel with you to future jobs.

“I am trying to get job that will help me try to get my foot in the door who will notice me and get me recognized in the engineering community for my future,” Kaden Schultz ‘18 said.

Although summer may be a time of relaxation, it is also a chance for you to grow up and mature as an individual, but putting a little responsibility on your plate. If you are currently looking for work and are over the age of fifteen or sixteen, try going to a local store and asking for an application. You never know what might happen.


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