Bryce Tinson ‘20: The Academies at Romeo branding team presented their progress to the Romeo community board on Monday night. The presentation consisted of updates on progress, as well as unveiling the new logo, brand promise, and tagline. Pam Daly, an academy marketing professional, helped guide the way, but the “children of the corn”, as Daly liked to call them, led the discussions. Led by Julia Fadanelli ‘19, Matthew Hutnick ‘18, Giovanna Ruffino ‘19, Austen Taseski ‘21, and Bryce Tinson ‘20, they created the great ideas that went into designing the new look of The Academies at Romeo.

The team ran through the presentation throughout the day on Monday before creating the final piece. It started with Ruth Heidebreicht, business partner and co-chair of the academies, began the presentation by showing the progress, and introducing Fadanelli to speak. Fadanelli delivered a great speech explaining exactly what the students were doing and how involved in the process they were. As she was done speaking, Hutnick stood up and asked how it pertains to the students, or how it helps them. Taseski responded with great answers, then said the brand promise. After he said the brand promise, Hutnick and Ruffino repeated driving home the point of the promise. Tinson spoke next, talking about the logo and what went into the designing of it. Kim Ruhlman, teacher at Romeo and fellow co-chair, finished up by talking about the designation ceremony that is set to happen on Wednesday, May 23.

“They did a great job,” Daly said. “This was one of the best groups of children of the corn I’ve worked with, they were really motivated to get things done.”

A lot of the community wonders how, and why The Academies at Romeo logo came to be. Most of them don’t realize how it happened, but the team didn’t actually create the logo. They gave a professional design team a list of requirements (a list of things that were essential in the logo) and let them do their job. This list consisted of things that make Romeo what it is. They wanted Romeo colors to be dominant, along with the historic R. They gave the team three choices, making them decide on the one they liked the best. The other two were neck and neck in terms of popularity among the team. They decided on the one that they currently have after a close vote.

“I’m not saying I don’t like the logo, I just think that a professional design team doesn’t get Romeo the way we do,” Curt Rienas, Romeo teacher, said. “I would’ve liked to see what the kids could come up with.”

A brand promise is a promise that the brand makes to its target group, in this case the school to the students. A lot went into creating the brand promise, from what the students should expect from the school to what key words they were going to use. The promise they came up with is exactly what they expect to get out of The Academies at Romeo. The tagline, R Pride R Future R Way, represents what the academies are trying to accomplish.

The designation ceremony is slated for May 23, which is where the overall plan of the academies will be released, and the student ambassadors will be presented. The team is 50% of the way done, and are looking to get the word out to make the best brand possible.

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