Seamans ‘24: As the Halloween season comes to an end,Thanksgiving quickly approaches. With Thanksgiving break near, students start to think about their on going traditions their family takes part in each year.

Every family participates in some kind of tradition, for my family we go to the movie theatre  before and after Thanksgiving to see a movie each year. Following that we all go out to dinner and spend time together as a family. Even though this tradition seems small and insignificant, it truly brings joy to my family and the ones I love.

Rocco Ferro ‘24 shares how he spends his Thanksgiving each year. “Normally I would go to my mom’s side of the family for brunch and then for dinner we make a lot of Italian food, like lasagna and polenta,” Ferro said.

A lot of families make different kinds of meals for Thanksgiving, for some the dishes include foods in their culture or preferred side dishes.

“Then we watch football or hockey. Right after thanksgiving we set up Christmas decorations,” Ferro said.

People celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways. For example, Ashley Hamilton ‘24 and her sister split the wishbone from the turkey. A very fun thing for their family, which they actually made into one of their families many traditions on Thanksgiving.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family at home or you travel somewhere, this holiday always makes for a  great time to spend time with your family and loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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