Haley Golembiewski ‘20: Tillson Street in Romeo, Michigan. A small street in a small town making a big difference in the community. Decorating Tillson Street for Halloween has been a tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Between Sisson and S. Main Street, Tillson is in the heart of Romeo, bringing the community together as a whole.

Residents of Tillson Street aren’t the only ones that benefit from this time of year. Surrounding businesses in downtown Romeo also experience a surge around Halloween. Right on the corner of Tillson and Main Street is the local Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen has an estimated thousands of customers every Halloween season. Around Halloween, however, it’s not only ice cream. There’s a mini-haunted house and other spooky decor as well.  

“Every year a few days before Halloween, I always get Dairy Queen and walk down Tillson with my friends and then another time with my family,” Anthony Isrow ‘20 said. “It’s kind of our tradition.”

Tillson Street residents start getting ready a month in advance and some of the decorations they even make themselves. Each house has their own theme and is goes all out with decorations. Walking down the street, visitors can see extravagant houses one after the other. Homeowners hard work, however, pays off as visitors return each and every year.

Will you be one of thousands this year to witness terror on Tillson?


Tillson Tour: https://youtu.be/TF0ApGThX94


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