Jacob Petz ’14 – Student Life

       Halloween is upon us and things are amping up on Tillson Street. The residents of the fabled street have been getting ready; diligently preparing for the countless people that will be romping around the block, taking pictures, asking for candy, and enjoying the spooky sights.

But what is it like to live on the street that comes alive for a night of spooks and scares?


        Steven Ruthenberg (12) loves living on Tillson, especially during the Halloween season.

       “The street spends all October preparing for Halloween. We usually set up about the 13th. It’s a fun time,” Ruthenberg said.

        Halloween isn’t all fun and games though. With all the fame and publicity surrounding the street comes a frightful amount of craziness, according to Steven Hart (12).

     “The street gets crazy. We pass out over 3,000 pieces of candy in 2 hours. There are thousands of people. You can’t go to sleep it get so loud,” Hart said.


        While the festivities on Halloween receive most of the attention, the people of Tillson Street’s generosity extends far beyond just one night. For Jack Engwall (12), the best part of Halloween is what his street does the week before.

  “Living on Tillson during Halloween is an interesting experience. But my family has been doing it for over 20 years and I like keeping it going. We do it for not only the tradition, but for the kids with cancer. They come out a week prior and get to trick-or-treat,” Engwall said.

With their main event approaching, the people of Tillson are ready.

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