Josh Bilski ‘16 – Mr. Warneck is not just the person he appears as in the classroom. The science teacher has many interests outside of the educational field. These said interests expand onto the football field as the former Romeo JV Football coach and current seventh grade Jr. Bulldogs coach. Being a teacher and football coach is not enough for Mr. Warneck, as he is now the new robotics coach.

“By moving to the Junior Bulldogs I get to stay a part of the game that I love,” Warneck said. “But by coaching Robotics, I get to connect with my kids who are really interested in robotics.”

Our beloved science teacher and former high school football coach could not keep himself out of the extracurricular activities. His interest in football began as a young child as he grew up around the game. Mr. Warneck excelled as an athlete in high school. Graduating from Cass City High School, Warneck enjoyed a stellar high school career. He then went on to coach for the Romeo JV Football team for seven years. Unable to stay away from the game he loves, Warneck moved on to coach the game he loves, with the people he loves: his kids.

“The idea of competition through the hard work and the friendships you create with people, you can’t create that through anything else,” Warneck said

Not only does Mr. Warneck spend his time in the classroom and on the football field, he is now the new robotics coach. After coaching football for multiple years, he decided to step out of his comfort zone to connect more with his kids. The father of five strives to connect with all of his kid’s interests. While coaching robotics, he found an interest not many would expect. His kids have a strong interest in robotics and programming, which is his main reason for joining the  robotics team.

While you may know Mr. Warneck as a coach and a teacher, many do not know that his passion is in the outdoors. He grew up in a family that revolved around hunting and fishing as well as his athletics, of course. He started hunting with his father around the age of ten, and from that day forward, he couldn’t be kept out of the woods. Riding his bike to the local pond seemed to be a regular activity for young Tim Warneck.

“I would rather spend my time out in the woods or coaching than sitting inside and watching tv or doing nothing.” Warneck said  “I enjoy doing things with my family outside of my home.”

To this day, weekends are rarely spent inside the Warneck household. From hunting and fishing with his children, to coaching football and robotics, it is not easy to find time for the busy Mr. Warneck outside of school. Mr. Warneck, teacher, outdoorsman, and coach, is more than it may seem.

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