Joelle Pfeil ‘17- Romeo High School is abuzz with word that a new band is in the making: Taken Property. The aspiring band consists of Ali Strunk ‘17, Tyler Burkhardt ‘16, Joseph Grumbleton ‘16, Riley Murdock ‘15, and Takoda Garverick ’15. Burkhardt leads the vocals, along with Strunk, who additionally plays the guitar, and Gaverick, who plays bass. The drums are played by Murdock, and Gumbleton plays the rhythm guitar.

It all started off when Burkhardt confronted Strunk to contribute her skills as a guitarist to a band. She agreed, and from there they started collaborating and becoming an incredible band. Taken Property plays pop punk and rock.

In relation to their plans of success, their expectations aren’t set low.

“Taken Property takes over 2015,” Strunk said.

They currently possess one song by the name of “Spare Change.” However they are in the midst of creating many amazing songs. They all strive to get in at least one practice a week.

“We were all involved with Romeo Theatre Company’s Grease,” Murdock said. “We all had interests in playing music. It sort of emerged from the free time we had right after Grease ended.”

The band really blossomed over spring break. Burkhardt has been attempting to start a band for three years, but it always fell through.

“I could never find the right people with the right amount of dedication,” said Burkhardt. “But now I found these nerds, and we are a big family. We aim to make great music and do big things.”

Taken Property took a big step in the process of becoming “big”. They ordered 50 t-shirts with their logo on the front, which they’ll sell for twelve dollars apiece. The band looks forward to selling as many t-shirts as possible and plans to continue making the shirts if enough are sold.

“We will be doing a lot this summer,” Gumbleton said. “We are going to have concerts and release albums. We are very excited to make music, and please our fans while having a good time.”

The band all together possesses a great amount of talent and their excitement pushes them to go as far as they set their minds to. The band’s motto appeals to all: “Genuine music made by genuine people.”

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