Ally Berrios ‘20: After school ends, summer’s the time to relax and make amazing memories with friends. With only three short months to do so, students usually make the most out of the break. High school students love to attend events like concerts and fairs with their friends throughout the summer creating memories along the way.

At the beginning of the summer, Harry Styles kicked off the concert season at Little Caesars Arena. One of Harry’s biggest fans, Ruby Weber ‘19, couldn’t wait to attend his concert.

“I was so excited when I actually saw him come out on stage in real life because I’d idolized him for so long and finally seeing him and realizing that I was actually in the same room as him was an unreal feeling”, Weber said. “Our seats were pretty good, we were on the side but still close to the front.”

Following close after, Faster Horses, a weekend long event that consists of several venues, located at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. Country artists from everywhere come together to create an all-around fun time. Delanie Lines ‘19 enjoyed every second of her experience at Faster Horses this summer.

“My favorite part was walking around the infield with my friends,” Lines ‘19 said. “I was mostly excited to see Blake Shelton which in my opinion was the best. It was so worth it and I can’t wait to go next year.”

Two other concerts, Drake and Wiz Khalifa with Rae Sremmurd, took place this summer. Drake performed at Little Caesars Arena performing his newest album, Scorpion. Ari King ‘19 and Zach Brede ‘19 attended the once-in-a-lifetime show.

“When Drake came out it was lit”, King ‘19 said.

“It was really fun and overall really worth a great time” Brede ‘19 said.

Wiz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd also put on a heck of a show at DTE. One of many Romeo students, Emily Amey ‘19  attended this concert.

“We had lawn seats but either way it was still definitely worth it” Amey ‘19 said. “I loved when Wiz came out for the first time after Rae Sremmurd.”

Not something Bret Miller ‘20 wants to miss out on, he jumped on the chance to get tickets to Wiz Khalifa.

“I’m really into Wiz Khalifa’s music so my favorite part was when he finally came out to preform”. Miller ‘20 said. “Being with all friends and listening to my favorite music, I definitely had a great time.”  

Ending the season, the Romeo Peach Fest and the Armada Fair wrapped up all the summer memories. Both Fairs consist of rides and food venues, giving students a chance to hangout with friends one last time before summer ends. Abby Berrios ‘22 is a huge fair junkie and wouldn’t miss these events for the world.

“I love going to fairs because they are fun and you get to see all of your friends”, Berrios ‘22 said. “I bought the mega pass for the Armada Fair and spent everyday there, the Peach Fest wasn’t the same as previous years but it was still really fun.”

Each summer brings new opportunities and new events for students to make their favorite memories. All good things come to an end and with school starting back up students only hope Summer 2019 brings what Summer 2018 left behind.

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