Alexandria Malcolm ‘17-Seniors jump for joy as the last of their high school midterms slowly approach, juniors pile on the stress of studying for standardized tests and exams, sophomores sit back and relax thinking they have it in the bag this year, and freshmen let the weight of their first high school finals weigh too heavily.

Finals do make a heavy impact on your grades, but it is up to you whether that impact is good or bad. If you take the proper time to study and pay attention, they’re definitely conquerable. Try some of theses common and helpful tips to take some weight off your shoulders.

Make Flash Cards

It’s an age old trick, but what’s that saying? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If you find this boring, try sprucing it up with some colorful index cards or fun pictures to help. Make it a memory game, and reward yourself when you do well. Other than the obvious paper products, you can also use online flashcards.

“Usually I use Quizlet, sometimes I make actual flashcards. I also like to just go over my study guides,” Madison Von Hiltmayer ‘18 said.

Get a Study Group Together

Studying alone in your room can get really boring really fast, so if you start experiencing these feelings, text a few friends and see if they want to meet up at your favorite go to spot. But we all know how we can get with our friends, make sure if you hang out ot study, that you actually study.

Rewrite Your Notes

Although it might take a lot more work, according to Pace University ( re-rewriting your notes is beneficial in more ways than one. On top of helping you study, it also disciplines you into being organized. When you are organized, it is easier for your brain to comprehend and remember. Also along these lines, listen to your teachers when talking in class the weeks before the exam, it could benefit you tremendously.

“I like to reread chapters that we have study and sometimes I rewrite my notes,” Sophia Beij ‘18 said

Get a Tutor (if needed)

If based on past grades you know that just the basic study tips won’t do you much good, don’t be ashamed! A tutor is someone who can give you direct attention outside of school. For RHS students, contact the counseling office to find a list of tutors.

Make a Schedule

As finals week approaches, things can get chaotic quick. With sports and other school work all on top of studying, it’s easy to lose sight of what should be priority. This year, try filling out an agenda and keeping it in a spot that will catch your eye at least once a day. Prioritise, what you need the most help with at the top, and make sure to stay on top of your school work.

“Try not to miss as much school as possible because it is hard to catch up once you get behind,” Devin Gaffkey ‘16 said.

Freshman Charlene Yarema plans to take these tips to heart.

“All the upperclassmen I have talked too have told me to study hard for all my core classes, because they are the hardest. Also to take it seriously because freshman year counts just as much as any other year,” Yarema said.
Take these tips into consideration and fit them to your own study habits this study season.

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