Brooke Lynn Tremblay ‘17: As the holiday season approaches, people are often frantic to spend time with family. Stalling family time, funds for gift-buying put people in financial situations that force them to try to cram in hours at work the second they’ve finished their shopping, taking away time from family. Though, this is particularly evident in the lives of adults, students working part time jobs also face this struggle. Minimum wage jobs often do not provide students with the means to buy all the gifts they hope to, and balancing their job with school takes away time they hope to have with family during the holidays.

“I was scheduled to work Christmas day, but this year may be my last year at home for the holidays,” Kristina Tarr ‘17 said. “The last thing I want to do is spend it working instead of with family.”

While some students become upset by their holiday schedules, many would gladly work them. Most businesses pay time and a half to people who work on the holidays, and often shorten hours to cater to these workers who try to get home to their families. With that in mind, some students put themselves on the schedule hoping to work, and earn enough to compensate for their holiday spending- and then some.

“It sucks, but I enjoy money,” Casey Curtis ‘17 said. “I have a lot things to pay for. A job is a job, and I happen to love mine.”

Scheduled or not, the holidays are meant to be jolly. If you work, cherish that extra money for preset compensation. On the off chance you don’t work, soak up that extra time with loved ones because let’s face it- you probably work the next day.

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