Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Many people agree that Christmas time remains the season of giving. With this season approaching students share activities that help give back.

“We are helping at Santa Shop at Amanda Moore for Serve,” Serena Bugli ‘21 said.

Santa Shop at Amanda Moore gives young students the chance to buy gifts for their family. To keep the activity going, the school needs help with wrapping gifts and setting up. Romeo’s Serve volunteered their time to help out.

“Operation Christmas Child is this thing we do at our church,” Emma Enciso ‘21 said. “It’s where we pack boxes of gifts for people in other countries who are in poverty.”

Some people celebrate the holidays by giving back to the community. Sending supplies to families in need complete their holiday season. The people of Romeo express their holiday spirit joyfully.

“My church is going to pack 40,000 meals for the children and families around the world who can’t get stable nutrition, I love the cause and participating in it,” Jenna Knepper ‘21 said.

Knepper involves herself in her church all the time, but especially around the holidays. Involving herself this activity every year helps the love for the tradition grow.

While the holiday season approaches, students become eager to embrace their love and gratitude for what they own. Going out of their way to help others, Romeo embodies their selfless acts.

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