Cambell Geibel ‘21: Poorly maintained roads littered with potholes seems a common complaint Michigan driver’s share. Fortunately, unsafe road conditions face a possible solution. Newly elected Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently proposed a plan to fix the Michigan roads. Her plan includes increasing the price of gas per gallon by 45 cents. The announcement of this plan sparked many reactions, positive and negative, among both adults and teens.

Many students already struggle with balancing the price of gas in their budget, as they only work part time due to attending school. Working part time, these students rarely produce the same amount of money as a full time job allows, and at times find it difficult paying gas prices.

“I feel like everytime I turn around I am having to fill up my tank. It is a serious part of my budgeting but something I hate having to spend money on,” Sam Smith ‘21 said.

Other students reacted more positively towards the Governor’s proposal. These students heavily value fixing the roads and think that raising taxes seems reasonable. Despite the unsafe road conditions, student drivers also double as new drivers. Without much experience, students worry about safety and the accidents poorly maintained roads cause. Adding the bad roads on top of students new to driving raises some concerns.

“There have been days where I am driving to school and I hit a pothole or go over a really bad area, and although I have never been in an accident or anything, it still is worrying,” Jada Stephenson ‘20 said. “I am not completely comfortable with driving yet and I just can imagine the bad things that could possibly happen to student drivers if the roads aren’t fixed.”

Although not officially approved yet, the Governor’s tax proposal raises important conversations about safety on the roads, even for students.

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