Abbey Keller ‘16 – The 90/10 grading policy came into play two years ago, and since has become a hot topic among students, teachers, and even parents. Whether it be positive or negative, the somewhat new grading system affected students’ grades tremendously.

“It messed up my grades my freshman year because I always do my homework but I’m a poor test taker,” Ava Easterwood ‘17 said.

Although majority of students enjoy not having to do their homework and not having it affect their grade much, is that really what’s best for their GPA? Throughout the school day halls and classrooms fill with comments such as, “Well it’s just formative”, or, “No I didn’t do the homework, it’s only 10%.” How are we expecting ourselves to do well on a test if we aren’t willing to put in the work to do just that?  

“Most kids don’t do their homework so when the test comes they don’t know the material which brings their grade down even more,” Sydney Mazur ‘17 said.

Since 90/10 became the official grading policy to all Romeo High School and both middle schools in the district, it has yet to be revisited, which leaves parents and students frustrated. Over the last two years there have been no meetings held in order to see the overall effect it has on students and their GPAs. Not until this past week has there been any movement in attempt to change the grading system. A petition currently signed by over 500 people brings light to the subject once again. According to the online petition parents also believe 90/10 hurts students’ GPA and opportunity to get into colleges along with receiving scholarships.

“It’ll be better if it’s changed because students will start to do homework again which will bring up their grade and they will understand the material,” Teresina Angotti ‘16 said, “It will overall have a positive effect on grades.”

Students and parents now eagerly await for the possible change to the 90/10 grading policy in hopes a change will motivate students to complete homework and become more confident in their grades.


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  1. Karen Proia

    I’m so proud of these kids speaking out on this subject. It affects them and their voices should be heard. Please parents & students come to the next board meeting on November 16 at the Retc at 7pm to support this and get it changed


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