Mikela Gorski ‘15 – As senior year wraps up, prom season begins to lurch in. For numerous individuals it’s the highlight of the school year. Although the occasion deems to be the most spectacular night it can also be stressful between finding the perfect date, organizing limousines and flowers, hair, makeup and coming to terms with the cost of your ideal dress.

“My date and I are taking an older Mustang to prom,” Lauren Korth ‘15. “I’m getting my hair done and most likely it will be curled. I am doing my own makeup and I’m so excited.”

It’s a tradition students look forward to and a chance to dress elaborately with friends and create many memories. Prom at Palazzo Grande will be worth the hassle when you finally have the opportunity to showcase your dress or tuxedo.

“My boyfriend can’t go to prom with me because he’s training to be a marine so I am asking my best friend,” Katelyn Dempz ‘15 said. “I’m decorating a poster that says, ‘While my boyfriend is busy becoming a Marine, will you be a best friend and go to prom with me?’ Then I am getting a cookie cake that says ‘Prom?’ After that I am going to take her to see goats because she loves them. Before prom we plan on taking a party bus to Palazzo Grande with all our friends. My sister is doing both my best friend’s and my hair and makeup,”

While May 22nd approaches, the senior calendar becomes packed with events to enjoy the few weeks left together. Prom and graduation are approaching faster than seniors know it.

“I am driving my Cadillac Escalade to prom with my friends,” Saranda Berishaj ‘15 said. “I will be getting my hair and makeup done but I didn’t make my appointment yet. I know it’s late,”

Students should make the most of it by keeping the memories close to your heart.

“I asked my best guy friend that I work with by surprising him with balloons and candles. We are going in his nice white truck,” Michelle Syty ‘15. “My mom is a hairstylist so she is doing my hair and I’m going to do my makeup. After prom, his friends and my friends plan on going to MGM Grand hotel.”

A celebration for graduating and making the four year journey out of high school. It’s an important milestone in high school. If you do not go you will regret it. It’s a night many will not forget and they will reminisce for years.

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