Brohl ’22: When looking back at the year of 2021, a lot of different artists released new albums, forthcoming or debut. Many artists ended touring at the end of the year, and quarantine gave them nothing else to do besides writing music and releasing albums they worked so hard on. Many different songs from several genres took over the charts and these albums helped make 2021 a very special year. Many students of Romeo High School chose a favorite album in particular and they explained what made their favorite album so special.

“My favorite album from 2021 is ‘SOUR’ by Olivia Rodrigo. This is my favorite album because her lyrics are so honest and every song is unique and different. It’s so hard to pick my favorite song, but the one I listen to the most is probably ‘jealousy, jealousy’. This song is so funky and has such a relatable message, especially for this new generation,” Elizabeth Bej ‘22 said.

“I think ‘Donda’ by Kanye West was my favorite of the year because I had been waiting for it for so long and I ended up liking it even more than I thought I would. ‘Believe What I Say’ is my favorite song off the album because it was the first one I heard and I have a lot of memories playing it in the car with friends!” Matthew Himmelsbaugh ‘23 said.

“‘ELO 50, Volume 2’ by Electric Light Orchestra was my favorite from 2021 because this band makes such phenomenal rock music, and having an album for their 50th anniversary really just brings back some nostalgia I have from some of these songs. My favorite song off the album would be ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King’,” Zoe Delafuente ‘22 said.

“‘Juno’ by Remi Wolf was my favorite album because it makes me so happy and I feel like I’m flying and like my body is carbonated. My favorite song off this album would definitely have to be ‘Street You Live On’!” Corbin Ramey ‘22 said. 

“So, my favorite album of 2021 was ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ by Taylor Swift. I grew up with Taylor’s music, so I love being able to go back and relive these past eras with her. Her albums provide so much comfort to me, so listening to Taylor’s Version and how much she’s changed is really fun. My favorite song off the stolen version of Red was Treacherous, and it’s still one of my favorites even with “(Taylor’s Version)” next to it. My favorite vault song is ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’, but I also love ‘The Very First Night’,” Ruby Jones ‘24 said.

“I really like Melina KB’s single ‘I’ve Had Enough’. It’s full of female empowerment and it’s great to play in the car to jam out to!” Maddie Kuchenmeister ‘22 said.

Personally, my favorite album of 2021 definitely had to be ‘Beauty In Death’ by Chase Atlantic, even though I had a lot of favorite albums from the past year. I have been a huge Chase Atlantic fan for years and even got the opportunity to see them in concert for their touring of the new album. This album has really helped me through a lot of hard times (especially with the pandemic still going on) and this album has really taught me a lot about not only myself, but the world around me. The art for this album is absolutely beautiful and each song compliments each other so nicely. My favorite song off this album would have to be ‘I THINK I’M LOST AGAIN’, ‘WASTED’, or ‘PLEASE STAND BY’ depending on my mood! I love to jam out to ‘PLEASE STAND BY’, but if I am ever feeling very emotional I always listen to ‘I THINK I’M LOST AGAIN’ and ‘WASTED’, these songs were also amazing to hear live!

A lot of beautiful albums came out last year by many different artists of various genres, and these show just a handful of favorites from the students of Romeo High School. With the new year just beginning, the students of RHS wait eagerly for all of the upcoming music to look forward to and what new album will be their favorite album of this year!

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