Image above: Romeo Community Schools COVID-19 Cases 2021-2022

Stager ‘22: New data from the state of Michigan shows that nearly one in three people getting tested for COVID-19 test positive for the virus. That brings the state’s positivity rate to nearly 33 percent. High schools across the state implemented rules to try to contain the spread of COVID-19. But it gets to a point where the student body questions and wonders if the schools in states, such as Michigan, do too much or not enough. 

Gabe Peraino ‘22 expressed his thoughts on if school systems should do more given the current situation of cases and quarantined:

“The simple answer, in my opinion, is yes. I think that it’s the safest option for the next week or two to go online, at least to calm down this latest surge in positive cases. If we do that we can move forward without too much hesitation. But in reality, it doesn’t matter what rules are enforced by the government or school board. It’s up to the students to follow the rules. The sooner everyone follows those rules, the sooner we’re able to conquer COVID.”

Along with the countless positive cases recurring after holiday break, testing sites strain as well. Hundreds of cars sometimes wait in line for hours for a COVID test. At Lakeside Mall, some say they waited up to four hours. The strain that COVID brings not only students, but society as a whole, exhausts people as they question and critique every slight symptom they exhibit; whether COVID related or not. 

A senior at Romeo, who requested to stay anonymous, expressed her opinion on the strains that COVID brings:

“It’s just kind of hard to get tested because of the stereotypes that are present. Along with the lack of availability for testing, and when I find out someone I know has it, I question my symptoms and wonder if I have it. This creates a hard position that puts everyone in because of the mental confusion COVID also creates.”

Whether you think the school systems should do more or if you believe that the situation of COVID-19 and the effects on students alone create confusion, the effects that COVID-19 established early in 2022 are not something to take lightly.

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