Morgan Brown ‘17, Julia Knepper ‘17 — With the new opportunity to paint their parking spots, RHS seniors show diversity and unique traits. Cole Rapp ‘16 captures the colors and bold inspiration displayed in the RHS parking lot. Proving his filming and editing skills, his broadcast exhibits stories behind several students’ parking spots.

Longing for an extra project separate from his Video Production responsibilities, Rapp filmed the transformation of the school’s parking lot for WBRW TV.

“With a group of five in VPC, it makes it hard to do a lot of hands-on editing,” Rapp said. “This video helped me become a lot more confident in knowing how to edit.”

The video features interviews with 7 students (including himself) and principal Michael Kaufman, as well as an aerial view of the lot, captured by a drone that Rapp learned how to fly.

“Instead of just a picture on Facebook, I thought a five minute video with interviews of kids who actually did it would be better on a local TV station,” Rapp said.

Presenting the hard work of the seniors, Rapp’s video provides a glowing reputation of Romeo as creative and different, expressing the individuality of each student. Interviews with students affirm their views on the spots, emphasizing the freedom and originality they give.

“The talent is fantastic, and the messages are really strong and positive,” Kaufman said in the video.

Rapp’s video revealing the changes can be found on WBRW’s website.

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