Claire Spitz ‘20: As unprecedented times wash over our society, people experience a lot of change; however, not all things need to be negative. Due to the COVID-19 crisis that came to the United States shores and well into our towns – life must adjust with it. This becomes especially true for our seniors. Missing out on some of the most special moments of their education, the Class of 2020 must find new ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

Aiding in this, the Executive Board of our Student Council decided on a fun way to showcase our seniors in a different way. Taking to social media, this group chose to make an Instagram page to feature each senior. Just by simply following and messaging as many seniors as they could, the page created around 130 posts for our seniors, announcing their future major and college, along with a senior photo. 

“We wanted to do something special for our class and landed on the Instagram page idea that we saw going around other high schools around our area! It has been fun getting to see where everyone will be next fall,” Mikala Motolign ‘20 said. 

With about 400 followers, the account provides a fun way for our seniors to connect with one another, commenting on the posts of their friends, and getting excited about the future rather than being sad about the present. 

“The page started gaining new followers besides our class, such as student’s parents, teachers, and other schools as well. Getting to start a new project for the school while at home was really fun for all of us. We miss getting to engage with our school and thought this would be a great way to do it again,” Kyle Szdlik ‘20 said. 

If you are looking to be featured on the page as a senior, simply DM the Instagram account @romeoclassof2020 with a senior picture, your future college, and what your intended major is! Or, if you are simply wondering where our seniors plan to head, go check it out. 

With all of the negativity surrounding our lives right now, the importance of making light of a situation becomes very important. Coming together as a community happens to be something Romeo does best, so grab a friend, and spread some positivity. 

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