Paul Hurley 16’ – Sport fanatics all across the country lost an inspiration on Sunday, January 4th 2015. At the age of 49, Stuart Scott lost his long fought battle against cancer. Scott is one of the original creators of the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) and one of the sole reasons the show gained publicity, revolutionizing the way we look at sports today.

People said “its not possible”. People said “you’re in over your head”. Scott had an image in his head, and he refused to give up until others saw the powerful world of sports through his vision. This vision was made public in 1993. ESPN choose Stuart Scott to be its first ever anchor, a decision that the network will never second guess. The country was taken by a storm from Scott’s signature catchphrases; he added a sense of swagger yet professionalism into an anchor position. “Boo-yah” will never be stated again without thinking of Stuart Scott.

Scott was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007. During an appointment to check out his appendix, the doctor found that it was cancerous, spreading throughout his body. While normally a huge disappointment, he viewed it as a challenge. A challenge that was beaten quickly. Unfortunately, it would return. Once in 2011, and a final time in 2013. This was too much for an individual, even the strongest of fighters.

A prolific career in entertainment and athletics was not the only cause for his fame. July 16, 2014 was a monumental day for himself and others. This was the day that he accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance award at the ESPY’s. Receiving this award applauds you on your courageous fight against a prolific disease. Bursting with emotion, Stuart Scott showed the world his true colors. Exhibiting compassion, toughness, and a chilling acceptance of death from cancer. He presented an attitude about cancer that no longer made victims of the disease look like losers. He told us that the battle throughout the disease is the true mark of a winner, not the end result.

A great husband, loving father, and loyal colleague are traits that almost all people look for in a person, and Stuart Scott possessed all of them. The University of North Carolina alum has touched the lives of so many people, and will be remembered by everyone. Stuart Scott was “as cool as the other side of his pillow”.

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