Hannah Holliday ’15- Opinion Editor

America is no stranger to fast food. It’s been around almost longer than the dinosaurs. The infamous White Castle that offers those delectable tiny sliders was the first fast food restaurant, who opened it’s doors in 1921. It gave birth to a new line of fast food chains that are household names. Sadly, home cooked meals are going extinct.

You can’t drive down the road without seeing those giant yellow arches every few blocks. You can’t turn on your tv without seeing a cheesy commercial involving skinny actors inhaling greasy, fatty, fast food. You can’t turn on your radio without hearing those familiar catchy songs every commercial break, repeatedly.

The Fast Food industry is no dummy when it comes to advertising. It markets to young teenagers who are working minimum wage jobs and running low on the cash. It’s a quick meal that won’t break the bank. Teenagers are paying the fast food industry to ruin their health. They aren’t taking their health into consideration. All that matters is that it’s quick, easy, and edible. I mean who hasn’t heard of a Happy Meal, it’s every kid’s dream: food and a toy!

Let’s face it, Fast food will not make you look like the models you see in a magazine or the celebrities starring on your favorite tv show. Let’s face it, having it every now and then it isn’t the end of the world. But when it becomes a habit and a lifestyle, it’s time to start worrying, or tune in for the next episode of your health going down hill.

Fast food to some people is the equivalent of a cigarette to a smoker: addictive. People are eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not to mention dessert. Fast Food restaurants nowadays offer full menus of food for all occasions, when people want “healthier” options, they cater to the consumer’s needs with a lower calorie menu, yet they don’t take out the chemicals or toxins that are the real problem. After all, McDonald’s is the only fast food place that could have a salad be more calories than a hamburger.

The fast food industry delivers us more than just obesity. It offers a supersized meal of depression, mood swings, and memory issues, all served up with pep and a smile. What’s even scarier is that people don’t even know what they are putting into their bodies.

It’s time to start setting healthier food options as alternatives to fast food or we’ll work our way back up to first. It’s time to start being conscious of what we are putting into our bodies. We need to rediscover what it’s like to take that first bite of a homemade meal.  We need to stop loving it.

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