Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: After months of planning, the spring break countdown finally reached single digits. Clearly, those leaving the country or state need a relaxing week in the sun. All fun aside, spring break comes with many strings attached, especially considering safety. Whether the danger coming from the weather, drinking, or strangers, attention must be brought to safety on vacation.

Melaina Fregoli ‘19 learned that the use of the ‘buddy system’ on vacation prevents a lot of dangerous situations, after a traumatic event happened to her in Florida.

“I was alone walking and this man purposely fell down the stairs and flashed me, I was only eight years old and am still scarred from that sight,” Fregoli said.

The sun in Michigan compared to the sun in other destinations around the world happen to shine very differently. Spring Breakers often times don’t realize this when they get sun poisoning. Matt Boeve ‘19 decided getting his best tan included wearing no sunscreen his first day of break.

“I wanted to get really tan so I wore no sunscreen, I got really red and blistered everywhere, I clearly had sun poisoning,” Boeve said.

If traveling to a destination where any type of drink is involved, take extra precaution. It’s important to stay vigilant about this fact so students stay safe and healthy. Having more experience than high school teenagers going on spring break, students need to take advice from adults.

“If I am out regardless of where I am at, I make sure when ordering any drink, whether it be a coke or alcoholic beverage, that it is always in my presence and I am more aware,” Kim Ruhlman, teacher at Romeo High School, said.

Although when thinking of spring break, most invision warm weather and palm trees; however, necessary precautions prove necessary to ensure safety and to enjoy the break from school.

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