Editorial by staff:

Healthy school rivalries make sporting events exciting for the team and the crowd alike. Much like traditions, these rivalries have carried on for many years. Taking the antagonization too far though, results in a diminishing effect on what was once a harmless strife.

Pride in one’s school is both expected and important. It is what motivates the teams to succeed, and brings together the community. Though only miles apart, we have distinct communities, but as individuals within these communities, we might find we are not so different after all. Painting chests, hanging posters, chanting encouragements- these things are what make game day so highly anticipated. It’s supposed to be fun.

As schools, we have different traditions too. We must embrace them, because they are what sets us apart from our opponents. Differences are nothing to be ashamed of.

When thinking of Romeo, one may picture vast cornfields, apple orchards, and hay bales. But that’s not all. . .

We are a tight-knit community with distinct characteristics. Raising thousands of dollars for Watchdog week, painting the rock, and pride in our multi-sport state championships are a few examples of what sets Romeo apart from the rest.

The pride in our community is the reason for our togetherness, R family.

Pride can be defined as “a feeling, deep pleasure, or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated.”

Both sides have great athletes.

Both sides have great communities.

Both sides should be respectful.

Both sides should keep it classy.

During the game, remember to not turn dignity into disgrace. Instead of bashing the spirit of others, channel your energy into something more beneficial; paint your chest, hang posters, chant encouragements, and remember that it is pride that wins the game.


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