Paul Hurley ‘16: Winning the school’s first hockey state championship in the Winter was not enough for junior, Jake Petri. Starting in the championship game, Petri held accomplishments before spring sports.

However, it is in the spring that he is shining the brightest. This is his second season on the varsity baseball team. It was last season in which Petri stood out due to his exceptional plays made fielding. The shortstop often contributes the most in the field, and Jake meets those qualifications.

“It is pretty much every game we have grown used to Petri making some sort of crazy play,” Joseph Schneider ‘16 said. “He lays out for everything, and a lot of times leave us amazed.”

Finding ways to improve his game, this season he has improved immensely behind the plate. Coming off a good sophomore season where he batted .245, Petri is now leading the team with a whooping batting average of .519. Meaning he gets a hit more than half of his at bats.

“I really wanted to improve my stats from the previous season,” Petri said. “I wasn’t happy with my batting average and made that a priority in the offseason.”

If able to keep up that pace, he will be placed in a group with very few other players

It is all done in efforts to continue playing the sport at the next level. Despite a dominant hockey play, he intends to take baseball collegiately.

“Ultimately, my goal is to play college ball. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time,” Petri said.

By the looks of it, he is doing all of the right things to get there. Hopefully the team can ride his hot streak to improve on a 5-5 record.


Photo by: David Dalton

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