Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – Becoming a part of a new group of people is something easier said than done. But when a childhood thought turns into following in family members’ footsteps, it becomes something much bigger.

After two years of guitar lessons and a childhood of watching family members perform on stage, Anna Murray ‘18 chose to take on a new hobby her sophomore year in high school: theatre.

“A lot of my cousins have been in theatre and I went to their shows,” Murray said. “When I realized we had plays here too I got really excited and auditioned.”

Regardless of giving her first audition her best shot, Murray didn’t make the cut her freshman year. Continuing on with normal everyday life, she didn’t think much more of it. However, just one short year later, she heard about Romeo Theatre Company’s upcoming fall play, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Murray explained how her and her father spent much time watching “The Beverly Hillbillies” on TV together ever since she was little. When auditions came around, she decided to give it another shot.

“I saw the cast list and noticed I got a bigger part,” Murray said. “I’m glad I tried again because everyone [in theatre] is super nice.”

With ambitions to participate in theatre throughout the remainder of high school and a future in place, Murray likes to keep an open mind and her head held high. She plans to major in psychology and minor in sign language in college, though the exact school is undetermined.

Having more than half her time remaining in her final years of high school, Murray has plenty of time to participate in more shows. She plans to audition for the spring musical “Aida” in December and shared that she’s already been looking into the music.
“I don’t care what role I get, as long as I can be a part of the show again.” Murray said.

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