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Mr. Delamielleure, one of Romeo’s October Staff Member of the Month, not only focuses on getting his students in shape, but making them better people as well. Entering his 10th year as a teacher at Romeo High School, Mr. Delamielleure, is not only a proud teacher, but a coach too. Delamielleure has been the Romeo Varsity baseball head coach for nine seasons, having his most recent district and league championships came in 2011

Despite all the glory that coaching brings, it’s the students that matter to Delamielleure.

“(My favorite part of teaching is) interacting with students and having the ability to have a positive influence on them,” Delamielleure said.

As an alumni of Romeo High school, Delamielleure takes pride in coming back to the school and community he was once a student in. Delamielleure was an all-state baseball player for Romeo and went on to earn his degree and play baseball at Eastern Michigan University.

“I was happy to come back to Romeo,” Delamielleure said. “People think that it would be weird teach at the high school you went to but it’s actually pretty cool.”

While being a teacher and a coach poses a significant time commitment, Delamielleure enjoys seeing his students develop as individuals, whether it be in or out of the classroom.

“It’s rewarding to see kids excited to exercise or lift,” Delamielleure said . “Knowing you influenced them in some way is cool to see the growth in students from freshmen to senior year.”

Congratulations to Mr. Delamielleure, October’s Staff Member of the Month!



Thomas Anderson ’14 – Editor in Chief

Alice Gryspeerd, Romeo High School’s October Staff Member of the Month, has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Coming into this year, she made the transition from spending her whole day at the RETC to splitting her day between there and Romeo High School.

“There are some days where it’s challenging because I have to be very organized in both buildings, with setting up labs and taking them down, but I feel that it’s made me more organized than I already am.” Gryspeerd said.

Moving from one campus to the other can be a strenuous, as many students who have split schedules know. As of right now, Gryspeerd is enjoying the fresh start she gets each day.

“When I get to the RETC I feel like I’m starting a brand new day,” Gryspeerd said. “But when the weather gets bad I can see it being more challenging to do because I’ll feel the loom and gloom of being out when it’s snowy.”

While wintery weather may be a nuisance during the school day, it becomes a necessity for her when the last bell rings. Once she leaves school for home, Gryspeerd is a lover of the outdoors.

“I am a very outdoorsy person, whether that means gardening, walking, biking, going snowmobiling, skiing, and doing things with my kids, who also enjoy the outdoors,” said Gryspeerd.

This winter, Gryspeerd is looking forward to hitting the slopes and the trails with her family,something she missed out on last year while recovering from shoulder surgery.

“I really enjoy going to Boyne to ski. I have talked about going out east or west, but I am a very new skier so I am a little nervous to do that. My children are way more risky than I am, but I’m older and had shoulder surgery,” Gryspeerd said with a smile.

Congratulations to Mrs. Gryspeerd, October’s Staff Member of the Month!


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