Alayna Demetrakeas ‘16 – Every year the Romeo community comes together with the St. Baldrick’s foundation, raising money for children’s cancer research. Hundreds of participants attend the event annually, prepared to raise money and shave their heads for a good cause. One of the larger groups each year, the local firefighters, hold euchre parties, make and sell t-shirts, and collect donations from sponsors, attempting to raise as much money as possible for the cause.

“There’s not really a reason to do it, we just kind of did it one year for all the people in my family who have cancer and we realized how much fun it was,” Nicolle Nakis ‘16 said. “We’ve done it every year since then.”

The fire station team became knighted this year after participating for its seventh year.

“In the seven years I have done this, the event has raised 1.7 million dollars and our team has raised 80,000 of it,” Steve Nakis said.

Raising money and helping children with cancer is the idea behind this annual event. This year the Romeo St. Baldrick’s event raised $278,803 according to the Village of Romeo St. Baldrick’s webpage. Earning the fifth position in the nation for most money raised, our small village came together in a big way this year and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come.

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