Kayla Yax ‘18 & Allyson Berrios ‘20: Spring’s right around the corner. Along with clear skies and warm weather, the beginning of spring brings with it new fashion trends of 2018. So what do Romeo students think are the most popular trends this spring?

Scrunchies: The popular 80s fashion trend is making a big comeback. The vintage accessory is essentially a ruffled ponytail that comes in different types of patterns, colors and textures. They can be worn in your hair or around your wrist as a bracelet for a vintage vibe. Love ’em or hate ’em, scrunchies are gaining popularity with a modern twist. Embroidered, gem covered, or veiled in sequins scrunchies are here to stay.

Yellow: Yellow just might be the color of the year, and RHS students definitely seem to think so. Versatile, bright, and bold yellow is in-style. Shoes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets you name it, someone has it in yellow. Students and fashion icons alike can agree that yellow is the trendiest color of the spring.

Off-the-shoulder tops: A classic spring trend that continues to gain popularity year after year. These tops are perfect for warm weather, and a cute addition to any outfit. Easy to dress up for a special occasion or dress down for an everyday look.

Adidas: Adidas springs to the top for the most popular brand of Romeo High School. From shoes, socks, shirts, sweatshirts, pants and even underwear, Adidas apparel is all over the place. You will even see this great brand out on the sports tracks, fields, and courts.

Vintage: All of these trends have one thing in common, they are vintage. From scrunchies and off the shoulders and even Adidas bringing it back with some old shoe designs, vintage is the new modern.

As the sun starts to warm our atmosphere and spring finally starts to come around you will see all of these trends come into play. Most of them are already things you see daily. From vintage clothes to modern trends these styles are all roaming around Romeo High School.

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