Aleigha Warren ‘18: The sky above is pale blue, almost a milky white. The sun hovers above the clouds sending a ray of stubborn yellow across your skin. The ocean waves bellow from the sand, creating white noise that relaxes your body against the beach towel. The sand lightly remains caked to your feet from walking through the shells and grains. You feel warm, gentle, as if in this moment nothing could go wrong. But it does, because suddenly the sun is too hot and the ocean is too loud. The white noise drowns you, engulfing you in all of its waves while the sun turns your skin red, blistering. You can’t speak, you can’t see. You thrash against whatever has you.

And then you wake up.

There is no sun, no stubborn ray of yellow. The ocean is replaced with your window that looks out over a yard with dead grass and a gray sky. The sand is your sheets, engulfing your body in its own heat while the morning cold chills your body, goosebumps praise your skin. Everyone is posting their tropical photos to Instagram while you lie restless in a room where you always wish to be, but for once, have the need to leave.

Here’s Spring Break on a budget.

To simplify things, there’s always the possibility of staying close to home or taking day trips. For example, The Detroit Institute of Arts is located on Woodward Avenue in Detroit and is free to residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Within the building, there is dining and tons of exhibitions representing various artists. Continuing on the topic of art, Starkweather, a local art gallery, is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am-4pm. They feature art from local artists. They also hold music events.

For a day trip, you can take the drive to Frankenmuth and walk the streets of the German. They typically have live music and fun interactions. Small shops covet the street, supplying customers with pulled taffy and indulging fudge. There are places to lodge, especially if you enjoy the lazy river or waterslides. Spend the night or a few at Zehnder’s Splash Village. The waterpark holds a large lazy river and various waterslides for all ages.

If you prefer to go off the grid for a few days, ditching the social media. Take a trip up north, no matter how far you go, you can find a small town with places to explore. Up north is all about bonfires and 3 a.m talks about anything that comes to mind, or mild camping in rustic tents with no running water. Just to enjoy the wilderness that many of us do not get to enjoy. Plus, the stars are beautiful up there.

If you want to go out of state, Ohio is close by. Cleveland holds the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, exhibits including The Beatles, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Green day. Prices range from $14 to $23, depending on what you want. If you like hiking, or just adventures in general, then the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the place for you. It is located in Ohio and exhibits trails that bring you to railroads, waterfalls and rivers. The scenic area will give you aesthetically pleasing pictures to post to your Instagram.

Instead of the sun burning your skin and the white noise of the waves engulfing your lungs until you can no longer breathe. Take the vacation to a rustic field of adventure and experience things you have never felt before, nor seen in your own state or the states surrounding it. Any place can look beautiful in a picture.


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