Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: As semester two finally approaches the students of Romeo High School seem eager to ditch the cold for the heat. Most seniors plan on attending their Punta Cana senior trip while others flee to warmer parts around the states. Students enjoy the relaxing view of the palm trees and the calm waves hitting the shore from day-to-day. While most seniors enjoy unforgettable, crazy nights with their classmates, they also make the best memories before graduating and parting separate ways.

Counting down the days leading up to spring break students prepare early by going to tanning beds regularly, buying new clothes and bathing suits, taking off work, or booking flights and hotel rooms last minute.

Angelina Curtis 21’ seems already prepared for her trip to Marco Island, Florida.

“We go to Marco Island every spring break and for a few weeks in the summer because my dad has his own condo down there,” Curtis said. “We usually tan, swim, listen to music, go out to eat at different restaurants scattered along Marco Island and enjoy the beautiful view by walking around or even driving to see different areas of Florida.”

Aly Malczewski ‘19 seems all ready for the memorable nights in Punta Cana.

“I’m so excited to be able to get the chance to go to Punta Cana as a class and bring my family along with me too,” Malczewski states. “As soon as my dad booked the trip I’ve been online shopping ordering things to bring like cute bathing suits and dresses. I think vacations are fun in general but it will be a different level of excitement with my best friends and our whole grade.”

Emily Amey ‘19 tries to make the best out of staying home for spring break.

“I’ve been staying home for the past few years during spring break because we like to vacation at a different time when my parents can take off work and my sister comes back home from college,” Amey said. “Typically I just try hanging out with friends and make myself busy so I don’t have to think of how I’m not going on spring break with my friends.”

As cold weather continues in Romeo, Michigan, students seem more and more exhilarated to go somewhere a lot warmer and more tropical while others enjoy the warm comfort of their own bed. No matter where students plan on vacationing, remember to stay safe and enjoy spring break.

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