Chloe Lucci ‘19: With a little less than a month left until Spring Break, students and teachers dream of the anticipated week off from school and the exciting adventures that come with it.

No school, no worries, no problems. There is so much to look forward to, yet the weeks seem to be getting longer and longer.

“I am going to Florida with my baseball team,” Brett Miller ‘20 said. “I am excited to get out of school and have fun with my friends”.

For seniors, Spring Break is the last hurrah before scurrying off to college. So as these next few weeks wind down, students can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the last minute graduation preparations and the busy vacation schedule.

Here are some tips that will ensure that your Spring Break and remainder or the year run smoothly.

Think ahead: Lots of students go into Spring Break swamped with homework and upcoming tests, so it is a good idea to keep track of your due dates and test dates. Especially if you are leaving school a couple of days early, make sure you talk to your teachers and get the homework you will be missing. Also, be sure plan your trip in advance so you don’t get stressed out.

“I am going to Punta Cana and it was very stressful planning it in the beginning,” Jules Ciacico ‘18 said. “I would have bought my plane tickets in advance if I could go back.”

With a little less than a month remaining, students can begin to utilize teachers Planbooks and other resources to get ahead on homework or assignments.

Make time: We all know that no one wants to be doing homework on vacation, but (while your sunburn heals) set aside a little bit of time to get it done before it is too late. You could also make time before your vacation to get it done, possibly on the plane or on the drive to your destination. Students should aim to create a balance between work and play this Spring Break season.

Be prepared: Always expect the worst. You never know what could happen to your supplies during that long car ride or bumping plane. Bring extra pencils, pen, and paper so you never have to worry about losing things and not getting your assignments done on time. The earlier the work is done, the less stress on your shoulders for the remainder or your vacation.

Have fun: Many students have their fair share of assignments and tasks to complete over Spring Break. Being proactive and getting things done early, instead of procrastinating, will put students at ease and give them time to spend making memories with their friends and family. Whether you are somewhere tropical, outdoorsy, historic or at home, make time for fun.

Have fun, and stay safe.

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