Brooke Lynn Tremblay ‘17 – The final part of the Hunger Games series has finally made its way into theatres, and not only were the cinematics captivating, but the emotional story was depicted beautifully. Splitting the film into two is arguably disappointing, but it gave the director time to fit in the details book-readers expect within its duration, and time in between for fans to build anticipation and ultimately make for a bigger turnout.

The angle that the director took had a dark undertone, focusing on specific bonds- and hearts -that have been broken, but more visibly, the war and death that plagued all of Panem.

Characters that once stood with open arms have turned their backs, and the love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta comes to a bittersweet end. Whether it is forbidden love or Capitol manipulation, the idea that this battle is not only physical is prevalent throughout the entirety of the film.

The focus on the darker aspects of the novel were beneficial to making the impact that the film did, but some things did seem grazed over. For example, Finnick and Annie. The stud of all of Panem falls for the shy, soft-spoken beauty and all we get is a snippet of their wedding cut short  by Katniss running off to cause some more shenanigans. Nonsense, really.

The other is not something the director missed, but something scarcely acknowledged by movie-goers and readers; this involves President Snow. Yes, he is the antagonist, but you must admit that he is quick-witted and rather good at what he does. His snarky humor and snide comments were able to make their mark in Part Two particularly and what they added to it cannot be matched.

Mockingjay Part Two was an incredible end to a series so many held dear to their hearts. The characters that started as only that developed into friends, including ones we we aren’t supposed to like, a.k.a President Snow, a.k.a my favorite character.
The story made us cry, the cinematics left us in awe, and it’s end, though painful, was one that was the result of a heroic story about the fight for freedom.

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