Cambell Geibel ‘21: The 2020-2021 school year looks drastically different than any year in Romeo’s history. The outbreak of COVID-19 puts the entire country in unprecedented times, and as the school year rapidly approached, the education community wondered what the future held. 

Amidst all of the unusual circumstances Romeo high school students face as they come back to school, the class of 2021 fears for the fate of their final year of high school. Thoughts of a virtual graduation and missing out on prom float in the back of seniors heads. Nevertheless, these students still find comfort in some of the age-old Romeo traditions they know and love. 

The week before school started, students flocked to the high school parking lot, paint cans and tape in hand, ready to get to work on their long awaited senior parking spot. Some students remember planning their design since freshman year.

“Louis Vuitton has always been my favorite brand and I have been wanting to do it for my spot since freshman year,” Baker ‘21 said. “Being able to paint the spot is something I have looked forward to doing because everyone can make it their own and have a great time doing it.”

Like Baker, Alex Basel ‘21 put a lot of effort into perfecting her designated spot.

“I painted my spot to look like a lake with a sunrise crossed with stars,” Basel ‘21 said. “It took me about two days to paint and I had to have a lot of help from my friends.”

Many students admired their classmates’ art work, picking out their favorites. 

“I think Brian St. Clair did the best job,” Brayden Gedert ‘21 said.

When asked about his spongebob themed spot, St. Clair ‘21 revealed the inspiration behind it.

“My friends and I wanted to match and do something memorable,” St. Clair ‘21 said. “Josh Monicatti, Blake Woodward, Josh Skelly, Sam Smith, Joey Drobek and I all did the same theme.”

Despite the uncertainty of the upcoming school year, seniors cherished the opportunity to paint their spots and look forward to pulling into their design every morning that they come to school.

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