Annalisa Lascoe ‘17: The Romeo High School’s happiest tradition, Smile Day, returns to the halls this Friday. Smile day – a day of no frowning – brings a smile to Romeo High students. A day where anybody who’s down and glum, and doleful should receive a smile pin, so that they’re given the chance to make someone else’s day in return.

“Smile day is a day to change things up at Rome High School and the Retc to make things more exciting. Trying to bring more smiles to the student body”, Boggio, Romeo High School teacher said.

Each year Romeo’s link crew classes put together a day just to spread a smile.

“Link crew works hard planning for the day. Together we design a shirt that ties together everyone’s design, making the perfect shirt. We order pins and get the help of teachers to pass along a couple throughout the day. With a big help of participation throughout the school smile day is able to happen”, Danielle Berry ‘17, a link crew leader, said.

On Friday, April 28, 2017 the hallways of Romeo will flood with smiles and joy.  Throughout the halls, you’ll find stations where you’ll receive a smile day pin to pass around to other students. Don’t be afraid to make someone’s day, pass on a smile. In order to receive a smile day pin you must’ve already received one from another student. Once you receive a smile day pin, you can head to the stations to receive another and continue to spread smiles throughout the day.

“It’s nice to see that when I give a pin to a kid or smile at a kid they smile back, it gives a warm feeling in my gut knowing I made someone happy”, Joel Smith, link leader, said.

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