Brohl ’22: After months of hard work from the theater program of Romeo High School, Sister Act: The Musical is finally here! This musical follows the plot of starving musical artist, Deloris Van Cartier, walking in on her significant other, Curtis Jackson, committing murder. Deloris then runs to the police to report the murder, but they must relocate her for the sake of her safety. She is then sent to a convent to disguise herself as a nun and become one of the sisters. To keep Deloris out of trouble and busy, authorities force her to join the convent choir, which then leads to her soulful singing uplifting the sisters to reinvent the church and themselves. 

Unfortunately, the showing during school hours got cut short so I missed a chunk towards the ending, but they did show the phenomenal ending! Throughout the whole show, I was very impressed with many of the students’ vocal range, including the lead herself Mack McCloud. When the sisters sang together and the dancers appeared on stage, the entire stage lit with excitement and you could see each individual person on that stage put their heart and soul into their musical. The tech crew also did an amazing job switching between sets! One of my favorite things about this play was the projection screen used to change the background for each separate scene. Using a screen is such a unique idea and the first time I have ever seen Romeo use one!

I love how each character’s personality shines throughout the music. This show was hilarious, relatable, and covered some problems people may face in life.  Each character performed with lots of drive and passion. Even though I did not get to see the whole show, the plot was given across in a high energy manner! Overall, the show was amazing and I highly recommend seeing it on the remaining show dates! This is definitely a must see!

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